Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Can you please sit and play with me, Katya?"

I was about to write about how peaceful and sweet the girls were playing Chutes and Ladders when Katya came in to complain about Natalia... But they're not yelling at each other, there's no hitting or biting, and they're working it out. Yippee! I'm glad they're not only sisters, but also friends.

I'm glad they're getting along well, because it's been a frustrating day without a car... You wouldn't believe the bureaucratic hassle it is to simply register one's car. It's so impossible for us to figure out that we had to actually hire someone to do it--a specialist (yes, car registration is so hard in Moscow that there are BUSINESSES who help you do it)--and even he is having a difficult time! We will have been without the car for three days total by the time the car is registered--and Chris has wasted about two more days dealing with legal permits in addition to this.

Without a car, I couldn't go to the store and get more water. That's another inconvenience here--we have to buy all the water we use for coffee/drinking/cooking. Sometimes in a pinch I'll just use the tap water to boil pasta, but if you let it boil a while, you get thick brown sludge/cream forming along the pan! I don't WANT to know what's in that water... I could hire a delivery service for the water, but I just don't want to pay $20/week for water. Then again, I am pretty sick of lugging the 5L water bottles from the car up the stairs to our building and then up to apartment (we have an elevator, but it's still a pain).


Rachael said...

Oh, the things we take for granted in the U.S.

But, your foreign life does sound glamorous. ;>

BTW, loving your blog. I knew you had it in you. Look at all that stuff you had stored up to put out there! I love the sidebar with all the Moscow information. Maybe instead of doing my series of travel posts, I'll just send 'em on over to your site.

kate said...

My water is delivered about every month. It's soooo worth it not to have to lug the bottles upstairs. (I do not have an elevator.)