Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cuddling Katya

Katya's fever is still high as soon as her Motrin wears off and she's so cuddly and sweet... Chris has been with Talia ALL DAY at his office (they went there after speech therapy this a.m.), so we've been able to enjoy the quiet time by ourselves (well, except for that little incident with the overflowing bathtub...). We've played games and read a Felicity historical mystery, The Peril at King's Creek.
Katya is quite fascinated by this blog, in particular by the cluster map at the bottom that shows the locations of people who have visited it. (Mexico? England?) This prompted questions about what it's like in Mexico and we had fun talking about it. I love how the internet lets us just click to see actual photos and get answers to her questions... In any case, she asked me to take a picture of her once she fell asleep to put on the blog. She wanted her grandparents to know that she's ok.

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Grandma Streusel said...


Did you know that the Beatrice Potter pillowcase in the picture of you sleeping on the couch was bought with a set of sheets for your mom when she was 3? I bought them for her new canopy bed once she was out of her crib. Hope you are feeling better.


Grandma Streusel