Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Double Dutch (sort of) Part 2

The girls continually move from obsession to obsession, inspired by books, music or movies. They get an idea and then seize upon it, entering their own make-believe world. Lately they've mostly pretended to be living in 1774, 1854 or 1945... so their passion the last few days for Double Dutch jump roping in Brooklyn is a little jarring! Inspired by Disney Channel movie Jump In that aired in January, they've formed a double dutch "team" and are both in training "to win the big championship." They've been rushing home from school to do their "speed jumping practice" and to work on their "routines." I'd almost forgotten that my little international Natalia was actually born in Brooklyn... I took the video above when I went to pick the girls up from school yesterday. They've been teaching the whole school how to double dutch, experts they are! Note how hard their friend from Argentina is trying, clueless he's supposed to jump OVER and UNDER the ropes (come to think of it, Katya and Natalia also seem pretty oblivious to that minor technicality)! The girls then proceeded to wrap him up in the rope! Katya is pleading with me to get her on a Moscow double dutch team... She doesn't believe me that such sport doesn't exist here and isn't quite part of the Russian Olympic tradition...

By the way, the movie is rated G and is quite fun. Corbin Bleu and Keke Palmer are young actors to watch and their songs on the soundtrack really get you moving--as does Jordan Pruitt's "Jump to the Rythm". We were in the US when it first aired last winter and the girls were very excited to actually be present for a bit of pop culture instead of learning about it much later via dvd.

(Blogger keeps malfunctioning and I couldn't combine the video with this post).

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