Friday, June 22, 2007

The First Russian Book Katya Read by Herself Last December

We shot this video in December when Katya realized that she could read simple books on her own--in Russian. They had read sentences and exercises at school, but she had never tried to read an actual book. Children's literature is quite different here; there isn't a system of graduated readers as there in the USA. There aren't any books geared to help kids gain confidence as beginning readers; it's hard to even find simple picture books. (Chris and I really searched to find the one she is reading above). There tends to be sooo much writing in even the simplest stories, and the text isn't chosen according to developing skills. Katya's experience with Russian books had been frustrating; she hadn't realized that she actually could read as well in Russian as she does in English (since she's so used to simple English books). The best part is the end--she is soooo proud! "I read it all on my own! To the end--all of it!" She jumped up and hugged all of us, including our babysitter, shouting how much she loves each of us. Unfortunately, the camera's memory card ran out before her last--and best--proclamation: "I love myself!!" (as she fell to the floor hugging herself).

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Tina in CT said...

I'm so proud of you! Streusel and I can't wait to see you girls in a few weeks!

Love - Grandma Streusel