Friday, June 29, 2007

Going to Ukraine

We're headed to a teeny, tiny village in western Ukraine to vist Liudmila and Styopa, the Russian/Ukrainian couple who babysat for us the first 14 months we were in Moscow. They also came back and stayed with Chris and Natalia for a month this winter when I was in Connecticut for Katya's tonsilectomy/adenoidectomy. They really became a part of the family and we love them dearly. The girls are ecstatic to see them again!

We've been warned that we're the first Americans that most people in the area will have ever met... it is VERY off-the-map. It will be quite exciting to see such a completely different way of life from what we're used to. Our days will be spent picking berries, helping in the garden, wandering in the forest and enjoying the countryside. I'll post again in about a week.

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