Monday, June 18, 2007

Katya Makes Dinner

Katya is still home sick, but feeling full of energy. She asked to make dinner tonight, and she chose to follow a "Molly" theme. We're making Victory Garden Vegetable Soup and Toad-in-a-Hole (toast w/fried egg in center), following rationing recipes from 1944 that we found on the American Girl website. We're also making the chocolate pudding served in a flowerpot that the girls loved when we ate at the American Girl Cafe in New York City.We were last there this January; we spent the day there with Grandma. We had such a wonderful time! Katya wants to surprise Natalia with a special dinner when she gets home from school today. Making this meal will also enable Katya to earn the "Make it, Eat it" Brownie badge. Katya has been a Brownie Girl Scout for one year and loves it. Last fall a group of moms who live in the center of Moscow and have kids in non-English language schools or who are being homeschooled decided to form our own troup. Katya loves the chance to be with American friends. This year I'll be a co-leader of the troup with another friend. Katya has a long list of badges that she wants to earn. The activities are great; they expose her to a wide variety of interests and are a fun mother/daughter opportunity to try new things.

She had a lot of fun reading the recipe, washing the vegetables and learning how to peel and chop them up (with CAREFUL supervision). She observed that, "It's a lot of work..." YES! :-) She really enjoyed making the chocolate pudding... That was one part of clean-up for which she was happy to volunteer!
Chris was able to come home for dinner, so we set the table and made dinner a real affair. Katya dressed as Molly and we put 1940's music on the ipod dock. (The girls' favorite song is "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" by the Andrews Sisters. They also really like Glenn Miller's "In the Mood.")

Unfortunately, neither girl really liked the food... They barely ate their soup and toast w/an egg in the middle (also a "Molly" recipe). The chocolate pudding was a hit, though--surprise, surprise!! The girls then put on a show, of course. Katya danced to "The Victory Sisters" and Natalia chose "Barbie Girl."

(Editorial note: I've added pictures of Katya and Natalia playing in dogwood pollen to the "Pukh" entry.)


Grandma Streusel said...

Maybe you should sign Katya up for tap dancing lessons!

Annie said...

How ironic/coincidental? There you are in Moscow, finding opportunities for your American girls to be with their english-speaking friends....and here I am in Michigan, making opportunities for my Russian kids to be with their Russian-speaking friends.

I always accepted the "wisdom" that if children did the cooking, they would eat the result. I have also found this not to be at all true.