Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Starbucks is Coming to Moscow!

I just had to add this... Starbucks is officially coming to Moscow this summer! It's in the paper that they're opening one store in August and seven more in the fall. I'm so excited!!!! There's no other cafe in Moscow where there's no alcohol and no smoking. Mind you, there are some great cafes here--it will just be really nice to have Starbucks added to the mix. I hope that it will have a relaxed "American" feel to it; sometimes I crave a break from Moscow's formality (think of how that mom was dressed to go grocery shopping and imagine her and her friends going for a cup of coffee. Not quite Smallville USA).
Editorial note: I highly doubt that Starbucks coffee will be more expensive than competitors'. One chain, Coffee Mania, has $6.75 lattes--but they are a very high end "ambiance" cafe with wonderful food and people who are there to be seen. That's just not Starbucks' niche. Considering that the most I would ever go there is once a week (now I only buy coffee once a week at the McDonald's cafe--it's actually wonderful, and not regular McDonald's), I'm not really concerned about their prices. Russia just isn't a "to go" society. They don't "get it." Traffic and parking are so difficult that you do NOT stop just to get a cup of coffee. That being said, it would be great to now have access to fresh Starbucks beans that I could brew at home from time to time.
Edited again: Starbucks has been trying for years to open up in Russia, but it had extensive legal difficulties in doing so. Someone had preemptively registered their trademark and basically held it ransom. The Swedish department store H & M is going through similar legal difficulties.


Mom said...

You'll have to visit the ATM each time you go to Starbucks since Moscow prices are so high. I bet they will be more expensive than here in the US.

Mom said...

You won't have to wait for your Starbucks "fix" for the twice-a-year visits home.

Rachael said...

Actually, I thought Russian cappucino at any of the little cafes was far superior to Starbucks (even though I drink Starbucks on a fairly regular basis at home -- it is just right around the corner from me).

I think we discussed this before though, it might be the milk. I have no idea how to order skim in Russian, and I highly doubt that's an option anyway.

Also, you're right. I always marveled at how Russians would walk the streets with an open beer bottle, but I NEVER saw anyone with a "to-go" cup of coffee.

Katya said...

I can't believe there wasn't already a starbucks... I thought they had already managed to infiltrate every corner of the globe. :-)

Annie said...

I'm with Rachael on the quality of the Russian coffee - but maybe it was just so good because I was truely RELAXED - nothing I should have been doing instead.

This past trip Ilya and I went several times to McDonalds - what a place for people-watching! I'd get coffee and pastry; he'd get a burger and fries (the boy is mad about potatoes)...but we had such a nice time together.