Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Year of the Striped Dog

I had meant to take pictures of this advertising campaign last year to show my mom (a dachshund nut), but never got around to it. Beeline is a mobile phone company and they have really great ads. This particular campaign was called "С годом полосатой собаки!" (S Godom Polosatoi Sobaki/"Congratulations on the Year of the Striped Dog!"). Russians celebrate Chinese New Year's traditions mixed in with their own--so whatever animal is being celebrated under the Chinese New Year always gets feted here, too. According to the Chinese Zodiac calendar, 2006 was the Year of the Dog. Beeline used these ads both at the beginning of 2006 and then again at the end of the year.
In any case, Beeline chose to mix their yellow & black "bee" logo with the dachshund for their ad campaign. The initial ads seemed to play up how long the dachshund is--meaning, "talk longer." They cleverly printed the ad on the thin screens used to wrap around buildings undergoing renovations--so the dog literally went around the corner, longer and longer... I think they also chose the dachshund because it's such a popular animal here. This makes sense; most people live in small apartments and the dachshund doesn't take up much room! (Given how slushy and dirty the streets are all winter, though, I sure wouldn't want to be walking one a few times per day and then letting it back into my home...) Click here to see the video clips of the ads.
2007 is The Year of the Pig; there were pig items for sale all over the city during the holidays!! Some of the items were quite unusual... Anyone out there want a huge candle of a "Dyed Moroz" (Grandfather Frost--the Russian equivalent of Santa Claus) with a Pig "Snyegurochka" (his granddaughter, the Snow Maiden) in a long blond braid and traditional Russian dress? Or how about this skiing pig that moves along to holiday music? (I got these things for my mom's friend who collects pig stuff...)

(Editorial note: Thanks, Kate, for reminding me about the pigs!!)


kate said...

We had pigs everywhere this new year's (2007) in St. P. I think the year of the dog ended in February and the year of the pig has begun!

I do love those beeline ads--but we never had the dauchshunds up here.

Rachael said...

So that's why there were pigs EVERYWHERE when we were in St. P in December. One of my little sister's has always had a thing for pigs that heralds back to Charlotte's Web's Wilbur, so I kept noticing the pigs and thinking about her.

Don't you love Kate's new profile pic? I think that's a genuine St. Pete's road sign.

Mom said...

Oh, that Doxie is so adorable and I think his face looks like my Streusel. You're right that I do have a thing for Dachshunds. I want to have a Dachshund picture next to my name for when I respond to comments. How do I do that?

Tina in CT said...

Hey, Mom--
I signed in as you and added a dachshund to your profile. Enjoy!

Annie said...

I have always adored the BeeLine ads, too! Seems like there is no end to the creativity of them!