Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

When I just viewed my posting below, I realized that today is Friday the 13th. Earlier this month I wrote about Russian superstitions; I hadn't mentioned that many of our most common American superstitions don't exist in Russia. Friday the 13th is just another day (the number thirteen isn't considered unlucky at all), you can walk under ladders, breaking a mirror won't bring seven years of bad luck, black cats are just black cats, no need to hold you breath when you drive by a graveyard, you can open an umbrella indoors, and if you step on a crack, you won't break your mother's back.


Rachael said...

Today at the hospital, the lights briefly, unexplicably flickered off before the generator kicked in. Someone of course made the obligatory "ooh, it's Friday the 13th" comment. Which reminded me, 3 months ago today was also a Friday the 13th...and that was the day I picked Katya up from the orphanage and we took the train to Moscow together. I'm going to have to post about this later tonight...can't just let it go unmentioned.

Jane said...

Hi Moscowmom!
Rachael directed me over here and I am loving your blog! I'll be in Moscow in about a month picking up my children and I will be checking out your tips on places to take the kids. Congrats on your "one month old baby"!!