Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter!

I've got it! Just got back from Midnight Madness at our local bookstore! (Click here for a link to Barnes and Noble, then click on "Watch the Festivities" to actually see the amazing party. It's worth watching if you haven't attended a Harry Potter release party yourself! I tried to link directly to the video, but couldn't.) I wish I could have gone to the festivities earlier on--we went to a great outdoor Sinatra concert instead, though. There were hundreds of people filling the store and spilling out onto the street, many of them dressed as characters from the book... All those adorable kids in robes and Hogwarts ties... some with the geeky glasses... some with stuffed owls perched on their shoulders... some with brooms... some S.P.E.W. (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare) activists...

The store had all kinds of activities: a Harry Potter trivia scavenger hunt, lightening bolt tattoos, wand making, mystical creature making, portraits, etc. The party two years ago was great, too! The girls knew enough about the story that they had fun with all the activities. (Their grandparents in Colorado are die-hard Potter fans... They had seen the 1st movie with their grandpa--hadn't been scared--loved it--and then begged for more. Chris's best friend also has an English wife--and they got MARRIED in the castle that is used for filming Hogwarts scenes! Their reception was in the Hogwarts dining hall!)

That summer Katya attended camp for the first time (where the girls both are this summer). A boy in her group kept... um... well, he earned the nickname "Wedgie Boy." A kind clerk in the music section taught Katya the spell "Annoyus Nomoreus" to make the boy stop (she had just finished making her wand and was eager for instruction on how to use it). We still chuckle about that...

I think it's hard for anyone who doesn't love the Harry Potter books to understand what all the fuss is about... I'm simply thrilled to see so many children behaving as if they're about to meet the Beatles--camping out for a place in line--just to buy a book! How great! My mother thinks it outrageous that kids are allowed to stay up until midnight for this---but isn't this a childhood memory worth giving your kid (albeit one a bit older than mine)?! Afterall, it's now over! This was the last book!

I just found this video of the release in Moscow... Fans were thrilled there, too!!!

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