Saturday, July 28, 2007

Little Mermaids

I had posted this earlier in the week, but I had technical problems with it; here's another try. I shot this video of the girls last weekend, after they had had five days of swimming lessons at camp. They are very proud of their progress! Natalia can swim underwater--until she needs to come up for air. Katya made it across the pool on her back! Natalia's custom-molded earplugs are working very well. Until their surgeries this winter (ear tubes for N, adenoidectomy/tonsilectomey for K), they always got sick after swimming; now they're doing well.


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Zhenia Burilova said...

(Oops.. that was Zhenia Burilova smiling so much she forgot to sign her name)
This is awesome! Smimming is the best kind of physical activity ever! And it's just so beautiful and graceful(as we can see from the video ;)))