Thursday, July 26, 2007

So You're Adopting in Moscow...

Wow! I'm getting a lot of visitors ever since Rachael has written about our time together while she was in Mosow adopting Katya, her daughter!


I've often noticed parents in Moscow (and on the plane back to NYC) with the new members of their families; it's always fun to strike up a conversation and offer any help I can. Blogging opens up sooo many more ways to help, though. I started my blog in part to help adoptive families make the most of their time in the city.

My blog primarily talks about what it's like actually living in Moscow--and what life is like with two young girls (since our kids' grandparents are the primary readers of the blog and I'm trying to bridge the distance between us). I do, however, have a sidebar with lots of information about Moscow.

In the next month or so, I'll be refining the Places to Go in Moscow with Kids section; you'll get ideas about what to do depending on the age of your child, time of year and weather. I'll also make a list of good places to get fairly-priced souvenirs--dress up clothes (such as what my girls are wearing below), toys, oraments, etc. that would be great to save for each year's "Gotcha" Day (that's the day when an adopted child officially becomes part of his/her new family). Please do check back! And feel free to drop me a line when you're heading to Russia :-) (One nice lady wrote me recently and I accidentally deleted the e-mail; please write again if you wrote and didn't hear back!)

Good luck in your adoptions!!!!

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Rachael said...

Just doing my part to help your Katya with her geography and all (lighting up your map). ;)

Off subject, I told my Katya today that we were going to call and talk to you guys soon and she was excited. I asked her if she was going to speak to your girls in Russian or English, and she looked at me like I was crazy to even ask and said "Russian of course". Go figure. I told her that your girls speak both, but she said, "They are my Russia friends. We speak Russian together." We'll see how it goes down.