Thursday, July 12, 2007

You TRULY Know You're an Expat When...

... even your children's STUFFED ANIMALS have passports.

The cow that Katya made on Sunday at the Moscow Build-A-Bear actually has DUAL citizenship, in honor of her dear friend who moved back to Sweden this summer. (Katya had me look up the Swedish passport on-line so we could copy the correct color and design.) The cow even has a current Russian Multiple-Entry Visa.

We arrived at JFK yesterday afternoon (on a plane full of newly adopted kids, might I add! Yippee that the USA agencies are accredited again!) and Katya was quite eager to present the Customs & Immigration official with her cow's passport. I placed our three on the counter and Katya confidently slapped down the cow's, too.

Confused Offical: Um, what's this?

Katya: My cow's passport, of course.

Still-Confused Official: Cow? (Looks at me).

I: That's right! (Look PLEADINGLY at the official.)

Wonderful, Kind Official (clearly noting that it must have been a LONG flight for me): Oh. Of course!

Then he actually stamped it and made Katya the proudest cow owner ever!

Katya had wondered if the cow would actually be able to get a stamp in her passport; I told her that I wasn't sure... There aren't exactly guidelines on stuffed animal immigration... Quite the Muscovite, she then smiled and asked, "Can't we just pay him to do it if he says no?"


Rachael said...

That's adorable. Nice of the guy to play along, too.

Glad you made it here safely....happy shopping and stocking up!

kate said...

Think it'll get stamped on the way back?

Anonymous said...

That is so nice the customs guy stamped the cow's passport! So often, they are so rude!