Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Colorado Recap: Lollypop, Lollypop, Oh, Lolly... Lollypop!

While in Denver, Colorado, we visited Hammond's Candy Factory. They're famous for their lollypops, hard candies and candy canes; Williams Sonoma carries some of their candy for Christmas and they have been featured on Martha Stewart's television show. We learned that Santa Claus even buys his candy canes from them! Since 1920, the people at Hammond's have been making everything by hand with natural flavorings. Many of their candies use natural colorings, too, such as turmeric (yellow), red cabbage extracts (purple) and red beet powder (pink and red). Basic ingredients are sugar and water!

The girls were thrilled to tour a "real, live" candy factory. They said cute things such as, "This is a dream come true!" over and over again. The machine that crimps the candy into ribbons is from the 1890's and it was very interesting to watch them feed in the long strips of striped candy. The tour is free, you get samples, and we highly recommend it!

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