Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kva Kva Park

Yesterday Chris took the day off from work and we all went to Kva Kva Aqua Park. I took a lot of video to give you an idea of what it's like; you have to actually see it to understand how amazing the place is! We all had a WONDERFUL time. We recommend it whole-heartedly!!

We're the people on the slides in the video. Katya was FEARLESS. She went on one LONG slide from the very top that turned out to be pitch-black inside. I went with her, riding on a double inner-tube. Natalia loved the playground (in the water) and the wave pool.

We had dinner at a nice Italian restaurant there afterwards; turns out the chef (a Russian) spent three years making pizzas in Italy and we had fun speaking Italian and comparing where we'd lived in Rome.

The only negative was how long it took both to get there and to get home... How I wish we could wiggle our noses and be transported as easily as they did on Bewitched!


Katya said...

Nikki was sitting in my lap watching the video:
"I want to swim."
"It's in Moscow."
"We can go. I want to swim."
Ummm... kiddo Moscow is 8 hours by plane and several thousand dollars away. :-) Sorry... a little much for a water park.

Rachael said...

We went to a similar place in St. Pete's with Katya on our first trip back in Dec. The BEST part about it was that the water was SO warm. MUCH more comfortably warm than you would ever find it in America, but we LOVED it! Even so, Lucy (our translator's wife) was so very concerned about everyone getting too cold, and she forced us to go in the VERY HOT steam room and sit for 5 minutes. We were DYING in there -- we felt like very hot prisoners!

Katya is already asleep, but I'll try to remember to show her this video tomorrow.

P.S. We need a Katya designation for this blog. Katya1, Katya2, Katya3 or something like that!