Monday, August 6, 2007

Make a Wish

Yesterday we flew from Connecticut to Colorado to spend a week with my in-laws. While waiting for our connection in Atlanta, we spotted a family of five at our gate--all wearing "Make a Wish" buttons. The youngest girl (perhaps ten-years-old?) was in a wheelchair, perhaps with cerebral palsy, and she was BEAMING. I've always been inspired by the Make a Wish Foundation and their mission of granting a wish to kids with serious and or/terminal diseases. I love reading about wishes that have been granted in People magazine...

I couldn't resist, and I went over to ask the girl what her wish was. (Since they were all wearing the foundation's buttons, I figured it was ok to ask). She BEAMED up at me and declared with a HUGE SMILE, "I'm going to ride horses for a whole week on a dude ranch in Colorado!!!!" Her family was equally excited.

It made my day. Katya and Natalia were moved by her wish, too--and that it was being granted. We live in a pretty great country...

Handicapped and sick children are often abandoned in Russia... Little is done to help improve and prolong their lives... Social stimga is so strong that most families "hide" their "different" children away... I've heard cases of neighbors not even knowing that there's a handicapped child living on their floor; the child has never left the apartment.

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