Saturday, September 8, 2007

Home Sweet Home...

It's safe to say that the kittens are settling in quite well! They are comfortable with us and so nice to have around. I'm thankful that we got two at the same time; Katya and Natalia enjoy fussing over their own kittens and it's all they think about. After a few scratches, the girls now know when to leave Asya and Lyalya alone. The kittens are quite intrigued by our doll-sized furniture and quickly claimed it as their own. My heart MELTED when I saw Asya curled up on Molly's bed with Bennet and Yank, the doll's puppies! It's so funny when they look at themselves in the mirror over the dresser in that room, too.

The kittens' other favorite place to play and nap is in the dolls' tent. They're so much fun at this size!

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Rachael said...

Too cute.

I just showed these pictures to my Katya and she is now officially jealous.