Thursday, September 6, 2007


Can you believe that I actually got the girls kittens???!! Only two months ago I refused to let them even keep a worm when they begged and pleaded for ANYTHING living--rationalizing that if I won't let them have a baby brother, couldn't they at least have a pet? No matter how dinky the animal?

I finally caved. Truth is, I've wanted them to have a pet for a while now. It's not their fault that we're expats in a city with no yard... In my mind, the rosy image of childhood evokes a yard and a pet. They can't just go outside to play the way I wish they could--but we can make it work for them to have an animal--oh, make that animalS.

On our way home from school yesterday, we stopped in at the nursery school Katya attended our first year in Moscow. Her old teachers were so happy to see her--and to show her the kittens... An hour later, I'd called both Chris and our landlady and we had added these two adorable six-week-old sisters to our family.

I got two for a couple of reasons: no fighting among the girls over who gets to pet the cat, the cats can keep each other company when we're not home during the day and when we're in the USA (they'll of course be looked in on and taken care of, though!), and I want the girls to each bond with their respective kittens. Both girls can get very tense and I hope that cuddling their cats will help them to relax.

So far, so good... Even Mr."I really hate cats" Chris loves them... He wanted them to sleep with us! He was able to charm Katya's kitten, Lyalya (name given to her at the nursery school that so far we've kept) into falling asleep on his chest and then we all moved into our bed. Sleep quality wasn't too good last night... But Lyalya slept curled next to Katya's head for hours! Both girls had been very difficult to awaken in the morning now that school has started--but today they were up bright and early so they could play with their kittens. Katya loves school so much that she has been upset to leave each day--but today she was happy to rush home and see Lyalya. (I'll write much more about her school in the next few days; I had no internet for a week--ARGH!!!-- and have lots to cover!)

Both kittens are slowly exploring the apartment; they're particularly intrigued by the doll-sized items. They love the dolls' tent and the Build-A-Bear boxes!

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Tina in CT said...

OK, I asked my co-worker from the Ukraine how to pronounce the names. I have Asya down pat but have nicknamed Lyalya Lala or Lulu as I can't master Lyalya. They are so adorable and the girls must be in pet heaven as I know how much they love cats and dogs. The kittens will give the girls a good sense of responsibility too. Loved the picture of Chris asleep with the kitten as he always said that he didn't like cats. I remember his liking your neighbor's cat in Ann Arbor though.