Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Natalia can read (with a cute British accent)!

(Disclaimer about video length: I included not only her first two books, but also outtakes that I knew her grandparents wouldn't want to miss. This is hardly "life in Moscow" fodder, but it's special to us!)

Natalia started reading this week! Her teacher is just wonderful... The children have been working with all the characters (a family) of a British "Learning to Read" series of books in various art and writing projects. They then learned how to write the characters' names and how to read them. For two weeks she brought home books about the family that had no words; she had to tell us the stories in her own words. The books now have words and she's slowly progressing to an increasing amount of words. She can sound out many words and recognizes about 25 from flashcards.

The first time she read "Six in a Bed" to us, she had the strongest British accent throughout! How I wish I had recorded her that time; the more she reads, the more she "americanizes" her pronunciation. Listen in particular to how she says "Kipper" (Kippuh), "Mum" and "Floppy" (Flope-ee).

She is soooooo proud!!!


Rachael said...

Kipp-uh is priceless. I love her little accent.

Tami said...

That is adorable! Her accent is so cute! :)

Tina in CT said...

I was sort of hoping for that when I heard she would be going to a British preschool.