Sunday, September 16, 2007

Random Weekly Recap

The past two weeks have been an exhausting blur of new schools for both girls, a birthday, birthday parties (yeah--one at school, one here with old friends), MAJOR reorganizing in the apartment, a new job for Chris (he switched law firms) and a new job for me. And spotty internet access and a failing computer. Needless to say, I'm utterly exhausted. The post about all the "Katyas" that I just did had actually been almost completely written two weeks ago--I simply had never had the time to finish it.

This week is going to be hectic until Friday--but here's a quick update for those of you who have been asking:

The girls both love their new schools (and so do we). We're as pleased as punch with their teachers, peers and learning. Katya is quite happy that there's a sweet American girl (half Russian) in her English class (it's just them; she's in second grade and farther along in reading than Katya--but just far enough that it's inspiring to Katya to catch up). It was also surprising to open up the Russian version of "People" and see three of Katya's classmates from the first day of school with their famous parents (a singer and two soccer players).

The kittens are still a joy. Each one knows who is her "owner" and appropriately goes to sleep with the right girl. It's amazing! The kittens cuddle Katya and Natalia all night long!

For the most part, I'm enjoying teaching again. I have eighteen (yes, EIGHTEEN!!!!!!) different classes to prep for, though, the two days I teach. I'm spending a full third day simply preparing for the two days teaching. It'll get easier once I have French and Spanish textbooks, but that will be at least three more weeks. The students are testing me right now, trying to see what they can get away with. It's not fun being the disciplinarian at home AND at school, but I know from experience that once they know me, it'll be easier.

I got up the courage to cut Natalia's hair. It had been growing out for two years from when Katya played hairdresser and hacked it off... I was reticent to ever cut their hair lest it rekindle their desire to try it again themselves (Katya has done this five times...). It turned out considerably better than when Katya last cut her hair! You be the judge:

Katya's American Girl Pajama Madness birthday party was a hit. The kit was fantastic; the decorations, activities, party favors and games that came with it were wonderful. Katya had a great time seeing her friends from Brownies (we haven't yet met--first meeting of the year is this Thursday). She also invited Masha, her first Russian friend from when we moved here, and Alisa, the American/Russian friend at her new school. The flip flop cake (I called it "slippers" to make it fit the party's theme) turned out both adorable and delicious. So glad I was able to get fruit roll-ups for the straps during Stockmann's "New York" month!

It's officially fall here in Moscow and you need a coat (plus a hat for the kids). The weather changes soooo fast. Oh... that means that winter will be here soon, too....

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