Sunday, October 14, 2007

How's This for Some Political Math (i.e. Dead Spy = No Cheddar Cheese)

Murdered ex-KGB spy in London + Sheltered Russian Suspect = Angry British Government

Angry British Government + Angry Russian Government = Expelled Russian & British Diplomats

Moscow - (British Diplomat + Speech Therapist Wife) = No More Speech Therapy for Natalia

Still Angry British Government + Still Angry Russian Government = No Cheddar Cheese in Moscow

No Cheddar Cheese in Moscow= Very Angry Tamara

Good friends in Moscow + Generous Houseguest Bearing Cheddar from Vermont = VERY HAPPY TAMARA

Go figure. Who would have thought that the political fallout from the Litvinenko murder could lead to strained trade relations that mean no cheddar cheese in Moscow... (That's what the manager at the cheese counter of one of the city's main stores told me). Take away our speech therapist, and then take away cheddar, too???????

This may sound so ridiculous and petty, but no cheddar means no tacos! No enchiladas! No quesadillas! And those foods are so YUMMY and EASY for a working mom to serve up! And my kids would actually eat them!

I'm embarrassed to admit that I spent over six hours two weeks ago trying to track down cheddar in Moscow. You'd think I'd have cut my losses and just given up... But after the three hours it took to buy the groceries for the above-mentioned Mexican meals, minus the cheddar, I was DETERMINED to get the cheddar! I kept thinking, "Just one more store..." and then it became one more... and one more...

So all of you readers in the USA who can easily procure a large chunk of generic cheddar, consider yourselves so very, very lucky!!!!!!!

This story had a (temporary) happy ending because last weekend we went over to some good friends' for dinner. Having heard about my cheddar woes, they offered me a chunk of Cabot Extra Sharp that their friend had brought with her as a hostess gift when she visited from New York earlier in the month. They would have loved it, but they knew it would mean so much more to me... And right they were... THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I actually met their friend and I send along my heartfelt thanks to her, too! (Turns out we both went to the same high school! Small world. If only this world were small enough, though, for me to now get my hands on another block of cheddar...)

Oh... and in case you're wondering, I *didn't* share. The kids got Tex-Mex with Gouda. I savored every single sliver of that amazing Cabot cheese myself. Gotta get your pampering where you can!

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