Sunday, October 28, 2007


This weekend I got our pumpkins. Unfortunately, I didn't exactly visit a scenic pumpkin patch... (There aren't really any here unless you're actually the farmer. And if you are, you probably don't grow round, bright orange "American style" pumpkins; yours are probably light orange/green/brown and quite misshapen). I bought them at the outdoor/indoor market where I get most of our fruits, vegetables and spices. I must say, this babushka felt quite famous when I asked to take her picture...

I bought a big, round and orange one (typical American pumpkin) for $24, a bargain compared to the $40 I had to pay three years ago. I got another more Russian-looking pumpkin for $4. Here is what our Russian character looked like:

And here is our American jack-o-lantern:

I had the large pumpkin all cleaned out and ready for a face before Russian friends of ours came over. We met them when we first moved here; the girls went to nusery school/pre-k together (the school where we got our kittens from this fall). Even though the girls only were together that first year, we get together with them regularly and we really enjoy their company. It's convenient that they live right around the corner from us. Here's a picture of the girls in December of 2004 during the holiday play. Masha is wearing the white dress and blue headband and is standing in front of Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter. Katya is the third from the right, dressed in a bunny costume.
Masha is one year older than Katya (almost 8) and she had never seen a jack-o-lantern before! I'm sure it's only one more time added to a long list of odd impressions she has of us, her quirky American neighbors...! (She had never seen dress-up clothing before she met Katya; THAT was quite a revelation and she quickly became a devotee...) Masha and Katya came up with the drawing for the pumpkin's face and then I carved it as Masha (and her parents) watched on in awe.

The girls have grown so much... Compare what they looked like tonight with how they were in May of 2005! (This picture was taken at Archangelskoe, a former prince's estate that is now open to the public. It's so pretty there!) Kostya and Karina, Masha's mom and dad, declared over dessert that Katya now speaks better Russian than we do. Our knowledge of grammar is much stronger than hers, but she sounds like a native-speaker. Gosh, to think back to that first day of nusery school when she could barely say a word...


Tina in CT said...

They are growing and changing so quickly. I want them to be 1 and 3 again and to slow down the growing up. I will go in deep depression when they outgrown American Girl. Will they still go to AG Place with Grandma then?

I was surprised that you could find the pumpkins at all.

Tami said...

They grow up too fast, don't they?! The pictures are adorable.
The squished pumpkin is cute too, although for the life of me I can't figure out how you carved it. It had to be interesting, getting the pumpkin guts out! ;)

Tina in CT said...

In response to Tami's comment:

Yes, they are growing up too quickly. That also means that I am getting older too.

Their Grandma in New England

kate said...

our pumpkins this year were WHITE! they tasted good, but... not quite the same.