Monday, October 15, 2007

"I think I'm so happy..." (Or, "My, what clean ears you have...")

The girls BEGGED me to include the video clips that are spliced together above... Katya, a blogger-to-be, even asked me to *take* both clips so they could be put on the blog...

It's a wonder that Katya and Natalia get any sleep at night with all the loving they're getting from the kittens! They actually sleep right through the marathon ear-cleaning sessions... (Could it be that the kittens miss nursing and that's why they're fixated with sucking on the girls' ears? They can do it for HOURS as if in a trance). I can't imagine how they don't wake up! You can hear on the clips how loudly both kittens purr, too--right into the girls' ears!

Katya and Natalia go to bed willingly now, though... They know that the kittens will come join them and they treasure that time to cuddle.


Tina in CT said...

OMG! How can Natalia sleep through all of that? It would wake me up and drive me crazy. They don't need their hair washed at bedtime but in the morning after all the "action". I sure hope when they are kneading that they don't hurt the girls' eyes. That purring is LOUD. I think you're correct and the kittens were taken from their mother too soon. The kittens have grown.

Rachael said...

Is she sleeping through that?!

I can hear that cat purring so loudly!

We used to have a cat who did the same thing -- "Baby Cat" -- and he'd chew on my hair and start purring loudly. I could never in a million years sleep through it though!

Too funny about Katya wanting you to video for the blog! So how long before she starts her own?

Tami said...

How does she sleep through that?! That would drive me nuts! It is pretty cute though.