Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Mommy -Talia Time"... Our Fun Day Together

Look who's feeling ever-so-confident on her skates! Today we went back to Evropeysky Mall. I let Talia choose how she wanted to spend our special day "just us" and she begged to go skating again--and to make a cat at Build-A-Bear.

She's so cute at the end of that clip; she says how she wants to stay skating "for ever and ever." I would like for her to start lessons... She has made such progress in just two days! Hmm... We'll see... It really would be a shame not to encourage her interest; we live one bus stop from the Olympic ice complex and instruction here is both excellent and inexpensive. We tried lessons two years ago with Katya, but she just couldn't "hack" the intense discipline required. I think that given the progress Natalia has made (see my last post), she would actually enjoy it.

She then made a cat "to keep Asya and Lyalya company" when she's at school. Of course, she was thinking only of her cats! Seriously, though, she insisted that she needed to make an animal for Katya so she wouldn't feel left out--but I reassured her that Katya was having a good time on her own in Colorado and that today was a special day just for her since she had stayed here in Moscow with me. She named her cat "Tinkerbell" for obvious reasons. I'm glad she's into Peter Pan right now, because I already purchased all of her birthday decorations, etc. when we were in the USA last summer--and she's having a Tinkerbell party.

We both then went to the salon for an appointment I had and she sat sooooo patiently while she waited! They set up "The Little Mermaid" on the dvd player for her and she charmed the socks off of everyone. (I can't even imagine having done this with her a year ago!!!!).

After nine years of horrible nails, I decided to get gel nails. My nails are super thin, peeling off and ripping as soon as they grow at all. I was often embarrassed pointing out grammar mistakes to my students with my ugly nails (not to mention how many of my students sport amazing manicures themselves...) and I felt even more awkward at Katya's school in front of all the other moms... I just haven't wanted to spend the money on nails, though--until I got roped into yet another private English student--one that I absolutely couldn't refuse. Our landlady called me from the hospital after a surgeon saved her husband's life (heart attack and complications). She asked if I couldn't possibly find the time to tutor the doctor's twelve-year-old daughter. Well, you know I sure did! And I'm using that money to do something nice for myself--ergo the nails.

We then came home to our eagerly awaiting kittens. Who might not be so eager to greet us next time we come home. This is why. Behold Ariel, the Little Mermaid.

And Sleeping Beauty.

I tried to convince her that the kittens wouldn't be as excited about these outfits as she was, but she truly did not believe me. She actually thought the kittens would be thrilled! Luckily the kittens didn't suffer too much and they gave just enough scratches to deter her from future feline dress-up sessions...


Gosia and Henny said...

greetings from the netherlands. My name is Henny and I just happened to stumble on your website by coincidence. I liked to read about your observations on your family in Moscow. Your children are cute ;-)

I never was in Moscow or Russia so I have no idea what to see.
How did you end up in this country? What suprises you most?

I will stop bye once in a while if I may and read about your 'adventures'in far away Moscow with your family.

Henny & Gosia

Nataliya said...

Talia is absolutely adorable and so talented! It would be so great for her to start ice skating lessons!

Good job getting the nails done, it's must feel so good to pumper yourself from time to time :)

Tami said...

Ooooh...she's going to love those ice skating lessons!!!
Personally, I think the cats are nuts. Getting dressed up like that looks like a great time. I can't imagine why they would claw and scratch your innocent daughter. ;)