Saturday, November 10, 2007

Progress on all Fronts

Natalia asked me to post this picture of her enjoying a "baby-ccino" at the McCafe this week. We are having soooo much fun by ourselves.

I got good news on Thursday, too. The American psychologist who has been overseeing Natalia's speech delay/articulation difficulties and the anger-control problems that developed as a result declared that Natalia's progress is outstanding on all fronts (we've noticed it at home and school, too). Even though we had to stop her speech therapy (because the therapist had to leave Russia), her speech is now right on target for her age, mainly as a result of having switched to a British kindergarten for the year.

Her progress in reading, writing and articulation (both the ability to express complex thoughts and her pronunciation overall) is excellent across the board. Her tantrums are less frequent and much shorter in duration, too; she is able to share her opinions and negotiate instead of screaming in frustration.

Given this progress, we'll now get to scale back on the amount of sessions she has with the psychologist and we can proceed confidently with our plan to put her back into a Russian school (where Katya goes) next fall. YAY!

Now off to another day of fun adventures à deux...!

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Rachael said...

Conjures up happy memories of sharing baby-ccinos with you all in Moscow. :)

Glad N is doing well.