Monday, November 5, 2007

Skating at the new Evropeysky Rink

Talia is enjoying her time with me on our own. First of all, the kittens are so happy to have us home again after the weekend away (I had someone check in on them) that they are SUPER affectionate. They want to be held all the time and instantly settle in to snuggle. Talia also likes not having to compromise with her sister about what stories we read, what movie she wants to watch or well, about everything!

This morning I took her ice skating at the new rink in Evropeysky Mall at Kievsky Vokzal (train station). The rink is fantastic! There are actually two--one for adults with a cafe in the middle of the ice (hard to picture, I know, I'll take a picture next time we're there) and a smaller one for children. Natalia loved "shakin' it" to the music and declared that she could skate. I think she just as pleased about wearing her favorite pink marabou-trimmed skating dress as she was about the actual activity... In any case, I bet we'll be going there often! Here she is, um, skating...

I let her miss school today and we joined the K~~~ family (they were also at the dacha with us) for a nice lunch and "Bee Movie" in Russian. It was cute--better than I'd been expecting. We all chucked at this joke, spoken by a mosquito who works as a lawyer, "I was born a parasite... All I needed to do was buy a briefcase..."

Added on Tuesday: I forgot to write that yesterday was an official Russian holiday; that's why our friends were able to go to the movie with us. Dima had the day off from work and neither girl had school. Only Talia's school was operating as usual since it's private and English. The holiday is a rather funny one that pretty much everyone mocks, while still being glad to have the day off. There used to be a Soviet holiday around this time of year that couldn't be celebrated after the USSR fell apart. Instead the politicians invented this new one: Day of National Unity. It's quite ridiculous since the former Soviet Republics barely seem to get along these days, and there is very little tolerance in Russia for citizens who aren't ethnic caucasians.


Rachael said...

How cute. Didn't you used to skate too as a child? Does she have your talent? (e.g. did she get that booty shaking from you? :)).

I'm just impressed she can stay upright! We take our kids to an outdoor (roofed) rink here in the winter sometimes, but apparently not often enough -- no one is very good at it!

Tina in CT said...

I forgot to mention that I was surprised that Natalia had the rink all to herself. You must have enjoyed that as you could do some jumps. What a nice rink!

Nataliya said...

I think she's right and she can skate :) I tried ice-skating once when I was probably Natalia's age, but I was never as good :) And of course I never took my own daughter skating because I won't be able to skate with her! I should do something about it :)

I didn't know about a new holiday - is it instead of the Revolution Day on November 7th? I remember how nice it was to have Nov 7th and 8th off!

Christine said...

What a cutie! I love the outfit. :)