Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thinking of You & Katya, Rachael!

Tonight Talia and I got stuck in traffic at a special spot--Smolenskaya Ploschad. It means a lot to us because from where we were sitting, we saw the hotel where our friends Rachael and Katya stayed this past April when Katya's adoption was finalized and they awaited her USA passport. Here is the Belgrade Hotel:

In front of us was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the gothic administration building where Katya's papers were processed.

To our right was the Golden Ring Hotel--which often lights up different colors at night. Rachael taught Katya her first colors in English by looking at these lights with her out of their hotel room window across the street. Белый... Синий... Красный... White... Blue... Red.

Wow. How things have changed. Katya is now just another member of her loving family in Michigan... a sweet girl who is as American as apple pie and who speaks English amazingly well. How nice to think of such wonderful things while sitting in traffic :-)

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Rachael said...

I was just about to go to bed, then I thought, well, I just check a couple blogs quick! So glad I did. :)

I'll always have such great memories of that trip. I hope we get to go back some day. It'd be great if it could be while you guys are still there!

BTW -- started on the fabric today. I made two bags with the matryoshka fabric (need to take pix and list on etsy) and one bag with the cow fabric. Jack talked me into letting him have the cow one. So, I guess I need to make another. I need to get out my little dictionary and figure out what the words above the cows say. Katya couldn't tell me, but I'm guessing bull and ?. It's not brown or black, Katya knew that.