Monday, December 17, 2007


Today my sweet seven-year-old student was talking about how much she hopes Santa will bring her a Samantha doll. (I bet he will... Sources say that she has been really good and Santa must have elves who can travel to the USA...) Natalia then offered that she could take care of hers while we're in America--and that she could also borrow the clothing Samantha would want to wear. Natalia went as far as to offer that Paulina could keep her (but my mom would be horrified since she gave them the expensive dolls only last Christmas), so I gingerly said how kind it would be of Paulina to babysit...

I then thrilled Paulina beyond belief by fetching our size 8 matching girl's dress and saying that it would make me happy if she could use that, too. (It was not easy to get it on ebay--and it's too small for Katya, but still too big for Natalia. I'm glad to have it used by someone who will love it and take impeccable care of it!) I gave her our non-fiction "Samantha's World" about America in 1904, as well--her homework is to prepare a little talk for me about all she will have learned about the time Samantha lives in.

Natalia then gave away the diary and pen from our babysitter to the other little girl I teach. She also offered many of her birthday presents to Katya as she opened them--if Katya admired it, Natalia basically said she could have it.

She may have tried to lunge at her sister during the pageant, but she really has a heart of gold.


Tina in CT said...

That was so sweet of Natalia to let Paulina take care of Samantha while she is in the US. Paulina looks adorable dressed in the Samantha dress.

You were just like Natalia and great about sharing.

Annie said...

How proud you must be!