Thursday, December 13, 2007

"I'm So Good That I Didn't Wake You Up When I Was Born!"

Yes, well, I guess Natalia really *is* quite the angel! That's not exactly how I remember her birth (in few more hours it will have been five years ago today...), but she's quite sure she does--and it's proof that Santa will be bringing her LOTS of presents. There's more... "I didn't even complain when you picked out the first clothes you put on me." !!!!! (She's alluding to the emotional fights Katya can put up when it comes to getting dressed appropriately--and which have been rubbing off on her. The worst punishment I can lay down is to threaten to pick out their clothing--and even worse--to make them wear clothing they don't usually choose themselves).

This past Sunday was the Christmas party at Natalia's school. It was so, so sweet. The younger children performed a variety of songs and then the older kids put on a nativity play--complete with a Wiggles song worked in there! This was not your typical pageant, and it was WONDERFUL! The kids had been rehearsing for months and they were thrilled. It was short, extremely sweet, and such fun for them. (At their old school, Katya and Natalia were involved in mind-blowing hour-long theatrical extravaganzas with LONG scripts, many songs and intricate choreography. Katya loved that, too, but this was much more relaxing and enjoyable for them).

They also performed some songs learned during the afterschool "Russian Club." I don't know why Talia was so shy... She usually steals the show!

Santa also came--and he even had a special book to help him remember the "nice" stuff (no "naughty") about each child. Katya was quite flabbergasted that he knew what a good job she has been doing taking care of Lyalya! She also noticed how he used the same wrapping paper for every child! (He brought each child a present, paid for by the teacher, chosen within a particular price range by the parent from Early Learning Center, a great British educational toy store that opened in Moscow last year. I was told I could bring a gift for him to give Katya, too. SO glad I asked the teacher to wrap it so the paper would be the same!)

Natalia, on the other hand, seemed a bit afraid he might comment that not all of her behavior had been perfect! She grabbed her present and literally ran! I'm not surprised, given that they haven't seen a jolly American (or English) Santa since we moved to Russia (Katya was three, Talia was one). They have seen "Dyed Moroz," but he doesn't talk to kids in a kind Santa-ly way... He expects you to perform for him, reciting poetry, in order to earn your presents.

It was nice to see all the other families; I rarely see the other moms since I work in the afternoon. Natalia was so happy to spend time with her friends, in particular with this little boy whom she loves dearly. (Okay... She's up... So I have to get off the computer and get everyone else up so she can open a few birthday presents. I'll post more about her birthday later).


Nataliya said...

What a great party! And Happy Birthday, Natalia!

Tina in CT said...

Five years ago today, I got the call saying, "I'm in labor Mom." I responded, "You can't be in labor as you're scheduled for a Section on Dec. 26 and I took off that week to bring Katya home with me after Xmas." Needless to say, you had Natalia Friday, Dec. 13. Happy 5th Birthday Natalia!

Annie said...

How adorable! And I really like the way the gifts were accomplished. (Maybe for our Russian School Yolka) I'll have to try and remember that; well done!

Rachael said...

I love the "I didn't even wake you up!" What time of day was she born? Maybe she means she waited for morning! :)

Happy Birthday N!