Monday, December 17, 2007

Inappropriate Dress in Kindergarten. Who'd Have Thunk It. (Then again, who else's child could have attained such a distinction?)

Ah, yes, the ironed smocked dresses hang in the closet... Multiple pairs of equally adorable pants and pretty skirts lay in their drawers, yearning to be worn...

But Mom is at work three mornings a week, and Talia is still in pajamas when I leave. So she gets dressed with the babysitter. And it turns out that she isn't exactly wearing what we had laid out.

Yes, I got a little talk from the kindergarten teacher today about Natalia's school clothing... Turns out that she hasn't simply been arriving home at the end of the day in the remnants of their dance class (a see-through ballet skirt over her tights). That's been what she has worn all day. And the other kids have been talking about Natalia's underwear--not that Natalia could care at all.

I *did* let her wear her Native American costume a few times--it's basically a short-sleeved dress--but I guess that didn't quite pass muster, either... I was so used to overheated Russian kindergartens that it never occurred to me that Natalia would need long sleeves in winter...

Tomorrow the new regime of dress will start. Shouldn't be that hard, given that both girls have lost the privilege of choosing their clothing until next year (sounds so much harsher when I state it that way instead of simply saying, "for two weeks," doesn't it??). I called the babysitter, filled her in, and Natalia will show up for school ready to please.

I know that girls tend to push the dress code as much as they can, BUT AT AGE FIVE???? And when they've only been five for five days????

I am "so in for it" when they hit puberty. I hope that those of you who live near me then will buy me a pina colada every once in a while.


Rachael said...

I'm laughing over here. :)

Annie said...

This cracks me up! I get in similar trouble. My children all prefer to play in snow without all that heavy they pretend they don't HAVE snowpants, etc.
Anastasia has a couple of sarafans and when she was in public school she would wear one at least a couple of times a week.... but now they have a school with uniform they are forced to "break out" as it were, with the outdoor clothing.