Monday, December 3, 2007

Katya Won the Math Olympics!

Last week there was a school-wide celebration of math at Katya's school. They learned all about famous mathematicians and had a scavenger hunt of logic and math problems throughout the building; there were little kids with pads and pencils running all around when we arrived on Friday morning. Each class also had its own math contest, part of the Math Olympics. Katya won for her class! It was down to her and another boy, so they had a "rapid-fire" oral tie-breaker--and she WON!!! The only non-native speaker in her class... (and in the whole first grade!)

She was BEYOND proud when she got home. Her prize was a book of puzzles and logic games that she loves. Katya said that the problems had been really easy for her since she spends time every day relaxing with her puzzle books from American Girl. These are her favorites: The Brain Waves Book, Puzzle Crazy, What a Girl Loves Puzzle Book, The American Girls Quiz Book, and The American Girls Pencil Play. (These would make SUPER stocking stuffers, along with Coconut's Top-Secret Code Book, Minute Mysteries and See What You Can Be). Ever since we got her her first puzzle book, she takes at least one with her everywhere she goes. Both her reading and math skills have improved since she started using these books, and she now knows how to use logic to solve more complicated word problems. Uh-oh, do I hear "LSAT" (the exam you take to enter law school) prep at an early age???


Tina in CT said...

I'm so proud of you, Katya!

Rachael said...

Math is good for the MCATs too! :)

Way to go Katya!

Anonymous said...

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Christine said...

Congrats! Quite an achievement.

Katya said...

She writes neater and with better spelling than Ben. :-)

Nataliya said...

I'm just catching up on your blog after returning from Ukraine. As a former Ukrainian math teacher, I'm so proud for Katya! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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