Thursday, December 6, 2007

Natalia's Writing

Natalia's teacher is a gem. She taught her how to read USA Level 1 books in two months! Natalia has now mastered 60 flashcards and is writing quite well; here are some recent samples of her schoolwork. Every day the kids do some kind of project involving art and writing. They also have a notebook with lined pages; each day the children take turns coming up with the sentence of the day--every child then writes that sentence down, using proper spelling and punctuation.

Here is her (rather short!) letter to Santa. The "jumping beans" that she wants are magnets--and she'll be so happy to get them next week for her birthday. I think Santa will still come up with many other good ideas of things she would like...

This girl was one of her first projects, done a month ago. Sometimes the teacher lets them just write on their own to gain confidence with phonetics.

If you're in Moscow and looking for a great English-language nursery school/kindergarten, contact me and I'll share the name and contact info with you. The school is so great!!!


Tina in CT said...

I was so excited to see Natalia's writing and artwork this morning as I know she has made such progress since starting at her new nursery school this fall. She is doing exceptionally well and I'm amazed at all she's learned. What a fantastic place it is. Too bad they don't have a kindergarten class so she could be there next year.

When we talk today, I'll congratulate her.

MoscowMom said...

Actually, if she stayed in the American/British system, she'd be in first grade next fall... It's only because she'll attend Russian school that she has to have one more year of kindergarten (since you need to 6 1/2 or 7 to begin 1st grade here).

Nataliya said...

I'm so glad you found a great school for Natalia - it's so important to have a good teacher! Good job, Natalia!!!

olka said...

My name is Olga, now my family and I are in Dubai but this summer we are moving to Moscow. I love your site. It's so bright, freindly and informative and your girls are just gourgeous. Thank you for sharing with everybody all this Moscow (and not only Moscow) experience.
I'd like to ask you if you can recommend a good school (preferably with English speaking teachers)for my daughter, she is 4. Although we speak Russian at home, she started talking in English because she's been in a British nursery in Dubai since she was 2.
Hope you will be able to reply.

Thank you again. Olga
PS We'll be living in Rosinka complex, as far as I know it's north west of Moscow