Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ready, Set, Go!

We joined a health club!!! I'm so thankful we could finally do it!!! Joining a gym is ridiculously expensive, but there just aren't any "public-type" options where parents can get in the water with their kids, and during a wide variety of times on weekends (i.e. your typical "Y" or town pool in the USA). The thing is, if you don't join a club, there isn't that much else to do on weekends with multiple little kids from October to May that isn't either strategically difficult, dependent on the weather or also costly. Now we have something to do on weekends when the weather is bad (half the year... and when there's a summer heatwave) other than kids' brunches and play spaces at malls...

Many Americans join the American Embassy Community Assocation, but even that is over $2,000 and you have to be sponsored by someone who lives on the compound. We didn't pursue it because traffic is so bad in that area that it would too hard to park and get in a quick workout. The water is also a bit cold and there aren't regular kids' swimming and fitness classes (i.e. offered at a variety of times). For many people, however, the AECA is wonderful! If you can walk there or have a driver, and if you have a nanny who could watch your kids while you work out, then it's a good option.

The new club is not too far from us as long as we're not driving in rush hour traffic. It has a big pool and a kids' room--those were the most important features to us. When I'm alone with them, we can all go swimming and then they can play supervised while I work out. The club is new, so there aren't that many classes offered yet--but in the not-too-distant future there will be gymnastics-ish classes and a variety of dance classes in addition to swimming lessons.

I'm eager for more swimming lessons on the weekend; Katya's age group meets when we're at church (so she doesn't go) and Natalia's is on Saturday afternoons. The other classes are during the week when they're still at school so they can't participate.

We've been three times and the girls love the pool. Katya is getting good at swimming underwater to retrieve weighted rings (still half-way sinking, not all the way down) and Natalia loves to jump in by making a whole wiggly show of it. I took these pictures yesterday morning when we went swimming before she had school.

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Tina in CT said...

Glad to see that she's fearless. Love the wiggle. Hope that once the center is settled in, they'll put more swimming classes on their schedule so the girls can fit in.

Surprised they have lessons earlier in the afternoon because the Russian school day out so late in the day.

The pool looks great.