Friday, December 14, 2007

Talia's Birthday Party (that almost wasn't!)

This morning was Talia's birthday party with her classmates. Six of her friends were able to make it and they had a great time playing together. Last summer she had picked a Tinkerbell theme and I had ordered a party package from Birthday Express. (That's the way to go!!!! Everything you need, including favors and crafts, all in one box, done with the click of a mouse at a price that's less than you'd pay if you tried to put it all together yourself...) Talia was "Wendy" from Peter Pan and her best friend came as Captain Hook.

We almost didn't have the party, though... I had finally gotten to bed at two a.m. I had the apartment all picked up and clean, a gorgeous cake made, the places all set, the apartment decorated (MINIMALLY, though), a table of drinks/snacks for the moms all set, the craft ready to go, the activities all set... And then at 4:30 a.m. Talia threw up EVERYWHERE. It took about an hour to get her bathed, back to bed, and to clean up the mess. I figured the party was now off, but another mom said that if she seemed fine when she got up, I could go ahead and do it anyway. (She'd been with all those kids yesterday afternoon; if it were a virus, they'd have already been exposed... And it could have been something she ate or excitement about the party...) In any case, I'm glad she felt fine. All-that-work... It would have been a real drag to have to do it all over again at another time!

Look at the cake!!!! Didn't it come out nice? I bought a Tinkerbell tea set at Dyetsy Mir and used it as the decoration. I found the edible wafer flowers at Ramstore (who'd have thought??) and the daisies are from our American Girl "flowerpot dessert" set. The moms were most happy to just drink coffee... S-t-a-r-b-u-c-k-'s Christmas Blend. The novelty has NOT yet worn off...!

Since we had planned the party last summer, we had figured that she would invite her girlfriends from various places to her party. When we instead decided to have a school friends party and invite everyone, it meant a girly-girl shindig for the boys, too... But they were up to it. As you can see in this picture, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!!!! The littlest boy didn't go that far, but he did have fun anyway :-) (This week I bought supplies for a more unisex craft, but the boys chose Tinkerbell. I did get them different favors, though... No need for a compact, butterfly crystal tattoos or pink marabou rings... I got them notebooks and pirate Playmobile sets instead...)

The kids made foam "door signs" to hang over their doorknobs (Tinkerbell) and then we played "Pin the Wand on Tinkerbell." They loved that game! As I went through the trouble of making it last night (drawing and cutting out Tinkerbell and making the wands), I had sincerely hoped it would be worth the effort--and it was. They all wrote their names on the wands first. It's so sweet to see how proud they are of their writing :-)

One little girl started to cry just after arriving at the party... She saw other children wearing dress-up clothing and felt left out; she thought they had all come dressed-up and she couldn't join in. Little did she know! I pointed to our stash and told her to dress-up to her heart's content! There can be many tears shed in our home, but the LAST reason to do so would be because there aren't any dress-up clothes!

She then had a lot of fun playing with Natalia's new horse. (I made them support their weight with their feet, though, and told Natalia she can't sit on the horses again). Her mom was really interested in everything I told her about Katya's school and they might send her there next year, too. How happy Natalia would be to have a friend in her class that she already knows so well--and another American who is bilingual. Several of the moms commented how they wished that British girls had something like American Girl to make their daughters excited about history; we Americans are lucky!

The other night Talia had opened up her presents. The biggest hits were Kaya's horse and dog (thanks, Dad!), a basket with a doll-sized tea set--that just happens to have the animal on it that's the logo of her kindergarten, the movie The Last Mimzy with a Mimzy rabbit, and two outfits to match her doll. She was excited to be able to read the Dora book I gave her all by herself--she even read it to my mom over the phone. The kids are all now at school, the house is almost picked up, and now I'll tutor all afternoon. I think we will all sleep VERY WELL tonight.

OH MY!!! I just looked back at the cats, and look at them now!!!! They are so, so cute!!!!! Kirsten is all dressed up for Santa Lucia day--which is also Natalia's birthday. Since Katya's best friend the last two years is Swedish (and now back in Sweden), we had fun celebrating the holiday with the dolls.


Tina in CT said...

The doll bed seems to be a favorite for the kittens. They look so cute curled up together! Love how you have the scene book and dolls set up.

Annie said...

Congratulations! The cake is amazing! What fun!

Such a coincidence! My youngest son did exactly the same thing before his birthday party last year! And he too, was fine the next morning....