Friday, February 15, 2008

Hah! (I'll let you in on one of my "language geek" jokes...)

Due to the new law requiring license plates to be clean (visible), the driver of this van wiped off both the plate and rear enlarged print of the license plate (required on vans and larger vehicles). This is how you know that the van is *actually* white; otherwise you would have no idea about the actual color.

Now here's the punchline... Look at the print on the side of the van.

It reads, "Cleanliness--It's Prestige. Primex." HAH, HAH, HAH! I almost swerved while driving when I saw this!!!! You know you've become a hard-core blogger when you then revise your plans for the morning so you can follow the van until the moment presents itself to get a picture... I went an extra thirty minutes out of my way (only going one mile, but in traffic) to get this last shot. It was relaxing, though... I caught up on favorite NPR podcasts (This American Life and Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me).

In other news, our family is inching its way back to health and I resolve to blog more. For those of you far away from Moscow, YOU'RE LUCKY! The flu this year has been HORRIBLE, and it seems to have been a strain not prevented by the flu shots. Most people have been sick for 1 1/2 to 2 weeks; a friend's daughter finally went back to school two days ago and there were only three of the regular fifteen kids in her second grade class!


Tina in CT said...

Your Vonage is down. Call if you can on your phone card. I'll be scrapping tonight but up late once I'm home. Lots to discuss.

Rachael said...

So glad you're feeling better...AND resolving to get back to blogging. You'd make a great little blog-reporter, what with going 30 min. out of your way for "the story"! :)

AND, I could read (and understand) the phrase too! Well, I guess it helps that "prestige" a cognate and "eta" and "cheestaya" are must knows.

Rachael said...

I meant IS a cognate. That's when the word (though spelled in Cyrillic) is essentially the same as it is said in English...I think. Is that right?

Tami said...

Waaaahaaa! I love it! While I was in Ukraine I saw cars that were sooooo dirty and I kept thinking, there's got to be a car wash around here somewhere. Now I'm home and I have to admit, my van is pretty bad, although you CAN tell that it is white!
Thanks for going out of your way for the pic...the journalist in me appreciates your dedication. And the blogger in me is jealous of your commitment! :)

Annie said...

Yes! I LOVE "This American Life" and "Wait, Wait", too.

On another topic - my car is presently very Moscow-worthy- I am not certain what color it is myself.