Friday, February 8, 2008

"It made me happy all over..."

Katya missed seven days of school while sick with the flu and bronchitis. On her tenth day at home, her wonderful teacher checked in with me to find out how Katya was doing. Up until I answered the phone, Katya had been sitting next to me coughing uncontrollably and blowing her nose non-stop. Once she realized it was her teacher on the phone, however, she was silent.

After I hung up, I complimented Katya for having managed to be quiet while we spoke. "Oh, Mommy...," she replied, "I just couldn't make any noise! I've missed my teacher so very much... It made me happy all over to hear the sound of her voice... Now I feel so much better."

Her teacher does, in fact, have the kindest voice. Listening to her is like getting a warm hug. The children (and the parents) love her to pieces; I am so incredibly thankful that Katya's class will stay together as a group with her and their equally great assistant teacher through fourth grade! She is 110% a professional: passionate about methodology; subject content; and working with the children. I took the above video when trying to videotape our most recent parent-teacher conference so Chris could see it. Katya is still doing wonderfully; we are so proud!! In addition to her strong academic work, she has fit in well with her classmates and made many friends.


MoscowMom said...
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MoscowMom said...

isledevetly says Katya win, 1b, woohoo.

MoscowMom said...

That's the chant that Katya's class said in the group games. She wrote that post herself--her first blog post ever!

Christine said...

How sweet your daughter is. Hope she is feeling better.

lindsay said...

I just want to say "thank you" for the beautiful gift we received last week. The material is just lovely and matches the colors of our home wonderfully (we have mostly earthy tones). Thanks so much for thinking of us!

(Rob and Alec, too)