Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lots of Laying Around

First of all, here's an update about our little Lyalya who turned out to be a boy. Katya has renamed him "Sasha" since the name works for both genders; she thought it would "ease" his transition (no joke). The cats have loved having us all home during the past two weeks; they snuggle, snuggle, snuggle all the time! (More on our being home below). Natalia didn't want Asya to feel left out in the whole name game, so she added another name for her, too--Jasmine.

You've probably noticed that I haven't posted much recently. First it was because of jet lag and unpacking, and now it's because of the FLU. Katya has been home sick since last Tuesday and Natalia only just went back to school today (she had been home since last Monday). Their fevers kept them awake at night for a week, so I got little rest... and well, surprise, surprise... I now have a really bad case of the flu myself.

I realized yesterday that I wouldn't be able to go to work today and tomorrow, so I called in and let the school's director know... But in the back of my mind, I figured I was too sick to work--but not too sick to get some stuff done in the apartment or to tinker around with the blog redesign tips that Rachael had posted this weekend. HAH.

My fever has been up to 104 and I've had three baths today; I've spent the last day alternately burning up or freezing, moaning to myself from the all-over pain. It's a good sign that I feel well enough to do this posting right now... I just *had* to get out of bed... I'm so thankful that we recently hired some more help (Chris learned before Christmas that his hours this year will be even worse than in the past--something I couldn't even imagine--so we hired some more help so that I can focus on parenting instead of everything else). This is the first time in years that I could actually stay in bed when ill because someone else took over for me.

Please, please send me healthy thoughts... I'm supposed to throw a surprise baby shower in our apartment for my best American friend here in Moscow on Friday and I really, really don't want to have to cancel!!!! (She's pretty busy right now getting ready to head to the US to give birth, so I'm not worried about her reading this blog before the party). She never had a shower with her two little boys because she was living here and didn't really know that many Americans (showers are an "American" thing; I've literally freaked out the international guests invited to this by suggesting that they "jinx" the baby by giving gifts before it's born...); I want this to be a wonderful night for her!

I let go of my visions of shower games and activities mid-fever last night... Just isn't going to happen... Now I'm hoping I can still pull off some decorating, a lasagna and a nice dessert.

Now back to bed... And I hope to be blogging more regularly soon!


Rachael said...

get well! maybe your housekeeper can help cook? of course if you're still sick, you can't risk getting everyone else sick. hope you turn the corner ASAP.



Very good pics from a lovely city...MOSCOW!
I want to say HELLO...FROM BRAZIL


Tina in CT said...

This is your mother. Are you crazy to think of having a baby shower Friday? First of all, you're too sick to do anything. Secondly, no one wants to be around you or your apt. I've probably annoyed you enough with my 2 cents but I'm your mother and know how you plug on even when you are sick.

I'll watch the video when I get home and log on.

I'm so glad the cat's name is Sasha as I can pronounce that and I think it was a wise choice on Katya's part since it can be for a girl or boy. That was cute how Natalia gave Asya a second name. I can pronounce Asya so I'm ahead on that one.

Tina in CT said...

I just saw the video. Oh, those kittens are so adorable.

Hope the sleep is helping you to feel better!

Ivan S.Petrov said...

I found your blog accidentally while looking for some places in Moscow where i could possibly buy american groceries. Do u know any, btw??
It's great looking through your blog, and i want to add your girls are very beautiful and look so adorable:)
i'll come check again:)
i read, you recently visited Denver, how is it there now? i was having a vacation in Denver last summer nad totally fell in love with that city. Really great, though quite different from Moscow, huh?
well, if u want to, u can also check my blogsite:
Have a great day:) hope your sickness leaves u soon:)

Nataliya said...

Oh, I hope you feel better VERY soon! It's no fun to be sick with the flu...