Friday, February 22, 2008

My Birthday!

I turned 36 yesterday. It doesn't feel old, so I'm not going to get all upset over it. If anything, life seems to get a bit easier as the years pass... Mind you, I wouldn't mind having the body I had in graduate school again, but, hey... wouldn't we all love to turn back the clock sometimes.

The girls were so excited about my birthday. The day before they secretly made me a few cards; here is one of them. They each decorated half of the outside and wrote messages together on the inside. I love how they collaborated on this!!!

Here are Natalia and her best friend, Spencer, wishing me a happy birthday. They're at Gorky Park at a pavilion near the water and there are fireworks in the background. Next is Katya's mixed-media heart. She used blowpens, glitter, pens and nail polish (hmmm...).

Here's what they wrote. I think Natalia is doing a great job writing, considering that she only turned five in December! Her spelling isn't perfect, but her penmanship is darn good! (Isn't it cute how she says, "Mum"? I love all the "British-isms" she has picked up at school).

They rushed to give me their cards as soon as they woke up. Natalia's friend Spencer came over for a play date in the morning and then his mom, Julie, took me out for a WONDERFUL lunch at Cafe Pushkin, a gem of a restaurant in the center of the city. Everything inside is strictly 19th-century in appearance and they make you feel like Russian nobility. (Psst... Their business lunch is not to be missed!) Had the battery in my camera not died, I'd have taken more pictures... but here is a little video I managed to get of our desserts. My crème brûlée came with a spun sugar DOME over it that collapsed as it burned!

THANK YOU, Julie!!! I had a splendid time!!!! The celebration will continue this weekend; hopefully Chris and I will do something then :-). Thanks also to you friends in Blogland who wished me well!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
And best luck with your struggles with Russia

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Bday...the dessert looks fab


Rachael said...

I second what Debi said.

Hope it was happy! (We are both '72 babies it seems.)

Muddy said...

Great cards from your girls. Happy Birthday!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday! No matter how good celebrating forever sounds, after eating so much cake everyday you might not fit through the door anymore. ;) It was a sweet thought though!

Annie said...

That is one of the absolutely most wonderful websites I have ever seen! And for a restaurant, too! Charming. See? There is one more really important reason why I NEED to go to Russia again!

Annie said...

By the way - I hope you are having a really lovely birthday weekend.

kelly said...

Happy belated birthday, Tamara! I just came across the link for your blog again today and love reading it from here in VA!
Love to all,