Friday, February 29, 2008

Our Little Superstar

"This is a ball. A princess called Giselle went to the ball." A darn good effort for a little girl who just turned five in December!!!

Today she had a perfect score on her spelling test, too! "Like" is not easy! She is extremely proud. We're feeling very confident about her ability to successfully transfer into Katya's school next year... She is so strong in her English skills that I'll be able to keep her doing appropriate reading and writing at home. And her math?? She can do addition and subtraction up to 20 without any help!

To any of you Moscow parents of children ages 2-6... I'd be happy to share the information about her school! Her teacher (the school's director) is AMAZING!


Tina in CT said...

I am so IMPRESSED with how Natalia has blossomed this year at her preschool! She is doing so well and tell her that I am very proud of all she's done with her schoolwork. She's growing up tooooo quickly!

Annie said...

She's a smart little thing. You should be proud! It's obvious you are!