Thursday, February 21, 2008

Overheard at Starbucks (Another Language Geek "Hah Hah" Moment)

At the coffee bar, around the little round shelf where the barista puts your finished beverage. The cafe was quite crowded, so it was noisy and there were quite a few people waiting.

--Латтэ для **аши! Latte for **asha!

No one had heard the barista very well; the first part of the person's name was muffled. All the people eager for their caffeine fix eagerly swooped in to claim the cup, asking if it was theirs.

--Для Маши? For Masha?

----Для Паши? For Pasha?

--Для Саши? For Sasha?

--Нет! Для Даши! No! For Dasha!

The funny thing is that no one else thought this was funny! Luckily I contained my laughter. To them it's completely normal that 50% (it seems) of Russians have a name that ends in --asha. The actual names for Masha, Pasha, Sasha and Dasha are Mariya, Pavel, Alexander/Alexandra and Darya, but everyone tends to be called by the shorter diminutives used above.


Rachael said...

Too funny! We tried to get Katya to name her husky dog Masha, but she thought that was a bland suggestion and is sticking to her guns with "Hussy". :)

And, um, Happy Birthday!!!

If you were trying to fly under the radar with that one...sorry for busting you! Except, I'm not sure, was it yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Now that is hysterical...I giggled out loud...probably would have there too


Tina in CT said...

Her birthday is today - Feb. 21. I was there!

Her mother

Tami said...

Giggle, giggle, snort. ;>)



Katya said...

Happy birthday to YOUUUUUUUUU!

Annie said...

And I figured it was for Natasha. This always cracks me up, too - we have a Pasha, a Masha, and did have a Sasha at Russian School... But someone I mentioned it to, related it to Ann, Dan, Jan, Nan, Van, etc. And, I guess there are others. But rhyming names really aren't as prevalent, here.