Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Patriots and Loyalists

I can't do much of a post tonight; I've been really busy helping Katya to finish up her big "My Family" project for school. I'll go with her to school in the morning (on my way to work) and present it with her.

I'm planning on posting photos of her poster and the text (in Russian and English), but tonight I'll share this little SHOCKING news--at least Katya was stunned by it! MY ancestors were Patriots... and CHRIS' were Loyalists (with a few Patriots in there)!!!! Katya was flabbergasted when I told her, and I must admit that I was just as surprised when Chris shared that information. How had this never come up before? The girls have been interested in the Revolutionary War period for a year now, acting out the American Girl Felicity stories and playing with the dolls that my mom and dad gave them for Christmas.

Natalia's doll is Felicity, a Patriot... Katya's is Elizabeth, Felicity's best friend, whose family are Loyalists.

And now sisters face the same divide! I must admit, they're LOVING this intrigue. After learning about her ancestors, Katya devoured the Magic Tree House book about the Revolutionary War! I'd link to it, but she fell asleep with it under her pillow.

(The picture was taken when we went to American Girl Place in New York City with my mom this January. She made matching girl/doll period costumes for both girls and they're gorgeous! We hadn't finished hemming Katya's yet, however, before our trip--so here Katya's modeling a really cute "tea lessons" dress I snagged on ebay).


Annie said...

If there was a contest, they would win. What adorable little girls!

It occurred to me just last year some time - with a kind of horror - that my personality being what it is, I would definitely have been a loyalist. (My ancestors were big-time patriots, though - one at the Boston Tea Party!)

Rachael said...

My husbands family were loyalists (his dad's family is all Canadian consequently).

LOVE the dresses. Your mom did a great job on Natalia's -- it's really beautiful.

Tina in CT said...

I'm the grandmother from the Patriot side of the family. My father's family goes back to the Mayflower and is also very distantly related to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Won't that make Katya's presentation really meaningful to a class full of Russian children? There is a picture of Stalin and FDR at Yalta in Katya's presentation my daughter told me.

I spent so much time in December sewing the Colonial Williamsburg period dresses for the girls and dolls and was so happy with how they came out. The girls will get so much use out of them. I am so thrilled how involved they get into the history and period that each of their dolls represent.

As for my personality, I definitely would have been a Patriot.

Annie said...

Tina! Thanks for revealing the connection... It always takes awhile to figure out "who is who" on blogs. Also - thanks for the hint regarding the patterns!

Tami said...

Hmmm...I dunno. You would think that whole Patriot/Loyalist thing would cause problems. Big problems! ;>)
Love the picture. Absolutely adorable...and Annie is right. They would definitely win!