Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Breath of Spring (and Cheer)

I got these flowers to cheer myself up after some really gray, dreary days this past week. I'm glad that they were already brightening up the house when we got the sad news about Streusel. (Thank you for all the kind words you've sent to me and my mom). Flowers are quite expensive in Russia, so I often have to rely on fake stems from IKEA to try to trick my eye. Candles also always cheer me up--especially when they're lit as the final touch after straightening up (and cleaning) the apartment. I always bring back votives and "Housewarmers" from Yankee Candle. The scents are so pretty and long-lasting; it's amazing what they do for my mood.

It took a few hard-knocks lessons, but the cats now know to respect my candles... Asya's tail fur went "WHOOSH" and instantly singed once--ay, the stench!--but he was in good company. The same thing happened to Kate Beckinsale's cat as she was getting ready to head to the Oscars!

My hand-blown glass vases from Simon Pearce in Vermont also make me feel good; I remember dinners for special occasions during college and grad school at their studio/restaurant by the gorge. I'm glad we brought those pieces with us to Russia, even though a few did break when a shelf collapsed...

Much cheaper, but equally cheerful, pottery is easy to find in Russia; I like the Gzhel style with bright blue patterns.


Tina in CT said...

I always have a large Yankee Candle burning on my stove when I'm home and now I have started burning the tart candles in my first floor bathroom too. I love having fresh flowers too but they are much cheaper here in the grocery store. Glad you treated yourself to fresh flowers.

It was so wonderful to go to Simon Pierce with my friend when I was visiting her in Woodstock, VT, two weeks ago. My scrapbooking friend and I are planning a day trip up there in Oct. when the leaves are in color and we'll have lunch. Prices sure have gown up since the time you registered there for your wedding in 1996.

garnet said...

I think I needed to read a post like this to give me a bit of perspective when I actually start missing winter. Though, if I'm honest, I only missed December -- not January, February, March, and (sadly, after we moved to upstate New York) April.

Though it *would* be nice to see a few snowflakes falling. My daughter's already asked to go see the snow again this summer -- we've carefully planned in trips to the Carpathian Mts. the past two summers so they can experience a teeny bit of the cold white stuff (which they are walking over in sandals, so I don't think they're quite getting the full impact but oh, well!)

Annie said...

Gorgeous! I was amazed how Russians buy flowers! Honestly, it seemed to me I never looked down a road without seeing someone carrying a bouquet - or was this just in Ivanovo? I actually played a game with myself like this as I was riding somewhere - and YES! There was always someone with a bouquet every time we turned - until we got to our destination.