Saturday, March 29, 2008

Flying Cats

I came across this article in the The Moscow Times the other day. I had mentioned in my post about our tee pee that Tuesday night the winds were incredibly strong--and that the tee pee collapsed on the girls as a result. Well, it was even stronger than I'd realized!

Flying Cats Near Belorussky

Gusts of wind lifted a pack of street cats into the air for several minutes in central Moscow, Interfax reported Wednesday. The cats meowed wildly as the wind carried them along late Tuesday night on Gruzinsky Val, near the Belorussky Station in central Moscow. In the morning, the cats all appeared to be unharmed. The Moscow and Moscow Region Meteorological Bureau issued a warning for strong winds Tuesday evening.


garnet said...

Oh, poor things! I do have a soft spot for cats.

Muddy said...

What an interesting story. Thank you for posting it.

Annie said...

Goodness! I never pictured Moscow as windy as Kansas! I figured that post would be about the cats in the circus - one of my most-super-favoritest things in Russia!