Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Grocery Shopping Took a Long Time Because... Why?

As I've written before, grocery shopping here can be quite a long ordeal... The other day I managed to hit Globus Gourmet on the Arbat for cheddar, the covered market for vegetables and fruit, Azbuka Vkusa for meat and parmesan, and Ramstore for dairy, bread, household goods, juice and drinking water. All in 3 and a half hours! I even managed to find a spot to park near the one Starbucks that was kind-of along the route!

I was rather proud to have been so efficient. As I left Ramstore, my last stop, I thought I'd be right home--and then these guys showed up. They blocked the exit for about five minutes and I joined the other old ladies and moms who were too afraid to leave. They looked more like wolves than dogs... and they had teeth. They finally got bored and walked away. (The numerous security guards must have been too busy smoking to help us out).

Good zoom lense on my camera, huh?


The Globetrotter Parent said...

Hi there. First time visiting your blog. Great list of resources for learning English that you have posted on your side bar. I'm going to list them on my blog, too!

Muddy said...

Great zoom. Wow, I wouldn't have wanted to leave the store either. Did you notice the heart on one of them's back in the fur coloration? Do you encounter dogs like this much throughout the city?
Is cheese easier to come by nowdays?

Tina in CT said...

I'd would not have ventured out either as they could have been mean and especially if they were hungry.

garnet said...

Are wild dogs a big problem in Moscow? I'm not sure how it is now, but when I was living in Romania -- about 10-11 years ago -- they were a huge terrible problem in Bucharest and most of southern Romania. It got to the point where it wasn't safe to go out on the streets at night because they'd travel in packs and could be really vicious.

Thankfully, there really weren't any up north in Transylvania where I was so I only had to worry about them when we visited my husband's family in the south. That was bad enough.

I would have stayed in the store as long as it took.

Tami said...

Awesome zoom!
The dogs drove me crazy in Ukraine. They were everywhere and I'm sure that led to the problem we're having with Maddie being so terrified of them.