Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How's this for Multi-Tasking?

Task #1: Natalia needed to practice her spelling words.

Task #2: I needed to get them both in the bath.

Task #3: I needed to do something to help them not be sad that they don't see their dad in the evening almost every night.


Bath crayons are the BEST! Now Chris will see their messages when he takes a shower in the morning. I used to have to to bring back bath crayons from the USA (Crayola brand), but now I can get them from a wonderful British store called Early Learning Center at any of their Moscow locations! (They wash off sooooo easily, I promise! DON'T use the brand by Leeho sold here; they do NOT wash off).


Tina in CT said...

Great idea! It'll be a nice surprise for Chris in the morning.

Annie said...

What fun! And super multi-tasking!

Katya said...

We had a glass shower in NC and I used to leave silly faces and notes on it using soap. (If you write with soap on a steamed up shower -- the next time you shower the soapy parts won't get steamed up).

And i can second that not ALL shower crayons come off easily! Whatever brand I bought the kids stained the grout!

Tina in CT said...

I see that Natalia wrote Mum - so cute - from her British preschool!

garnet said...

Definitely need to try and find some of these this summer. The kids had a lot of fun with bath paints, but they didn't really work well enough to make much of a design.

bleeding espresso said...

OK I didn't even know Bath Crayons existed--what a great idea! I love blogs :)