Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mmm... du chocolat... (Part 1)

Du chocolat....

Et voilà!

Both girls absolutely love chocolate. While they both prefer white chocolate, they'd never refuse the good ole milk chocolate variety... We're quite partial to Le Pain Quotidien, a Belgian cafe that opened this winter in the Evropeysky Mall food court. Natalia adores getting hot chocolate there; they bring you the typical French bowl to drink from (kids in France start the day with a bowl of cocoa, not a mug)--filled with steamed milk--and a small pot filled with melted chocolate. You then get to pour the chocolate into the milk, choosing just how rich you'd like it to be (as rich as possible, of course!). Such fun!

A few weekends ago we spent the afternoon at the mall, playing in the game area, walking around and having dinner. We had intended to go for a walk at Victory Park, but realized it was too darn cold. (Natalia had an ear infection and wasn't feeling 100% well--that's also why we didn't choose to ice skate at the mall). The girls love pushing their dolls around. It can be a pain to deal with both doll strollers, but it's fun to see them enjoying being little girls--so we're happy to let them. (Look, Mom--Talia's doll is wearing the sweater you knit for her).

While Chris checked out the shoe sales (sales do occur here, they're just never as good in the USA-even on sale, most things are still more expensive), the girls had fun dancing around to some Russian pop music.


Rachael said...

Cute. Love the doll strollers and that they're still game for that sort of thing!

That was one of the things my Katya asked me about in Russia: if little girls have strollers for their dolls in America. I just remembered that. Funny, we never got her that promised doll stroller and she hasn't asked. I guess she got distracted by all the other stuff she hadn't seen before!

Tina in CT said...

Love the strollers, girls!

Watch for a sweater, skirt, hat outfit like Natalia's dolls's sweater coming to Rachel's Etsy store. I'm knitting it for Rachel's Simple Wishes Etsy store that helps raise money for Christmas gifts for children in Russian orphanages. I brought it up to her mom's this weekend to show her.

garnet said...

Sounds like heaven!

And I love the doll stroller. I was thrilled to find one that matched the bigger one we had so that Larissa could push it around while I pushed Xander. Sadly, there hasn't been room to store it in her room so it got regulated to the garage but the kids just found it again and drug it out. Xander enjoys it as much as Larissa does -- I guess anything with wheels counts as fun.

Oh, and Tina, I'll be keeping an eye out for that sweater outfit in the Etsy shop. That would make such a great gift for Larissa.

Annie said...

Anastasia begged for two years for a doll stroller and I just figured she'd forget about it (I recall wanting one as a little girl, then not using it) but Anastasia takes hers everywhere, to the boys' disgust - that and the little "carseat" baby-carrier. She'll be one dedicated mother someday! (Or vow to never have children as she's "been there/done that")!

Tina in CT said...


I have to finish the sweater but haven't worked on it in a month or longer. Just never get an evening to just sit on the couch with my knitting while watching a movie.

I brought it up to Rachel's mother's this weekend and showed it to Cecelia, Rachel's SIL and Rachel's sister and they all loved it and we thought it should go in her Etsy Simple Wishes shop in the fall for holiday shoppers. Tell Rachel to let you know when it'll be up.