Thursday, March 20, 2008

Novodevichy Convent Seen Through Flurries at Night (Sigh... Is it REALLY almost Easter?)

One of the benefits of driving around the city for Brownies meetings is the chance to take in some beautiful sights. (I took all the pictures near Krasnopresenskaya and Ostozhenka St. before our previous meeting). The Novodevichy Convent looked so enchanting tonight that the girls understood completely why I wanted to stop to take some pictures. I love that place; it is absolutely magnificent. Three years ago I bought delicate carved birch jewelry boxes from the nuns here to give as favors at my friend Melissa's baby shower; since Melissa is an ordained Episcopal priest, I thought they would have special meaning. (I had created a slideshow of tonight's pictures, but I couldn't get it to properly imbed in this entry. Sorry for the scrolling ahead).

We love to go to the wooded park next to it in nicer weather to play on the playground, ride scooters on the paths and walk among the trees. (I highly recommend a visit to those of you in town to adopt! You can tour the grounds of the convent and then enjoy the park. It's easy to get to from any hotel within the city). Our friends Jeannie and Jerry loved this place, too; we can't go there without thinking of--and missing--them. (They've moved back to the USA and miss Moscow more than they'd ever imagined possible). Since I know that Jeannie is a faithful fan of this blog, here are a few of our favorite pictures from when we last played there together. (Can I get a comment, hint, hint?)

It's hard to believe that in other parts of the world, people are planning Easter Egg hunts in green lawns, hidden among daffodills, tulips and lillies... Last year we had strong snow flurries on Easter, too. This picture of the girls was taken right before the snow started--and just after Natalia got her face painted at the church brunch. I had them dressed optimistically in light coats... I'd gotten them when a fancy children's boutique was going out of business and they just had to wear them! (Rebecca--if you see this, you'll be getting them for your girls this summer! Sure, Talia could wear Katya's, but it would be a shame to break up such a cute set...)


Tina in CT said...

On my next visit, even though it'll be winter, you'll have to take me there as it is so beautiful. I look at my box from Melissa's baby shower that you brought back from there as it's on my living room desk and I go by it countless times a day. Your pictures are spectacular.

Annie said...

Gorgeous outfits!

And the photos are amazing! Thank you so much. My friend, Alla, took Ilya there in August - and it is an amazing place... Actually, I felt that we'd just scratched the surface of the place, I could have spent a whole day there, I think.

Nataliya said...

Wow, the Novodevichy's pictures are like from the fairy tale!

And the girls' outfits are just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

ok, tamara, thanks for making me cry... : ) actually, thanks for making my day.... I loved Novodevichy the most, that place is truly special to us. Em and I spent days and days there just walking, riding bikes, playing on the duck statues. In all honestly, we never even made it inside the convent at all. This will have to be a top priority when we return....... MISS YOU! Thank you for the smile we miss all 4 of you more than you'll ever know.
love, jeannie

garnet said...

Those coats are so beautiful. That is one thing I miss about living in a place with cold weather -- the chance to dress my daughter in a beautiful coat. When she was little we found this adorable Madeline-style red wool coat from Gymboree and I kept buying it in larger sizes from Ebay until we moved.

This place also looks fantastic as well. I love old buildings in the evening in a snowfall.

garnet said...


I've left a bunch of follow-up comments after your comments on my blog -- wasn't sure of the best place to put them -- here or there. In case you don't see them, wanted to let you know I'd love the contact information for the woman who makes great costumes. I think Larissa would really enjoy receiving a few as Christmas / birthday gifts -- and they'd be nice and lightweight to bring back.

Rachael said...

Beautiful pictures!

We have snow here too; it makes it hard to get into the Easter spirit. I've got the kids beautiful springy outfits all ready to go for church and it just seems...wrong.

LOVE the coats. They are so stylish and cute!

Tina in CT said...

No snow here but extremely windy and cold today as a result of the wind.

How did the monastary survive Soviet days when they were so against religion?

Anonymous said...


I found your blog accidentally and really enjoyed reading it. My family and I may be moving to Moscow this summer and will be looking for a school for my then 4 year old. If you wouldn't mind emailing me at your convenience, I would really appreciate your advice. It looks like you are a teacher and have kids just a little older than my son. . Since you have been in Moscow for a while, I imagine you have some good advice to offer!

Thanks! Ilona