Monday, March 31, 2008

Puppy Poll Update

Edited: see link below.

Okay... So many cool new suggestions... I really like Suss, Kuchen, Zucker and Schatzie... My mom would mangle the German, though... "Koochen" and "Zuh-ker" just don't sound nearly as sweet as they are in the original... "Suss" would work, though--she'd say it like " Dr. Seuss." "Schatzie" would still sound fine, too. We'll see!

As my mom mentioned, "Heidi" wouldn't work because of our neighbor's dog... and "Sophie" is the name of my friend's French/American daughter; we now think of the name more as French than German.

Please check out Cecelia's blog for pictures from the puppy's first big day out and about. She was taken to church and is being spoiled wonderfully rotten!


Tina in CT said...

Yes, we think of Sophie as French and a cute little girl in Hamden, CT.

My Opa (Dutch grandfather) called my Oma (German grandmother) Suss as a nickname as her name was the German version of Susan so I think of Oma when I hear than name.

So far I am leaning towards Liesel. I'll have to wait until I see her and am around her. I really like several of the others a lot so it'll be hard.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Gertie - look at those eyes.....what a sweet, sweet puppy. My sister also has a "weinie dog" and it is just the cutest little thing ever. The dog "adores" my sister, never leaving her side, etc. My girls would love a dog and I like the size of a dachsund, but I am just not ready since the passing of my beloved basset, Ellie. Seeing this cute puppy though, could almost change my mind. Enjoy her!