Thursday, April 3, 2008

Russian Poetry

Очень разные все
Разность очень важна
Она самая важна

All very different
Difference is very important
It's what's most important

Inspired by our scavenger Easter Egg hunt (34 rhyming riddles that the Easter Bunny cleverly wrote at each girl's reading level), Katya has been writing some of her own poems. (She read this one to me and I wrote it here based on what she said--I didn't copy her spelling mistakes). You don't need a degree in psychology to interpret this one! I feel fortunate that they are so close; most of the time they play splendidly together and they share many interests. That being said, they are also both fiercely independent. I'm glad that Katya is taking to writing; it will be very good for her.


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That is so darling.

How did I miss you first post about the scavenger hunt? That is such a cute idea. Kudos to mom, I mean the Easter bunny.

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