Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Little Squaws

Since I knew we were going to be home for a few days in a row while waiting to be healthier, I came up with a plan to keep the girls both entertained and relatively sedate. We built a tee pee, of course.

I started with 8 long pieces of wood, twine and 3 meters of fabric. Had I had the benefit of hindsight, I'd have purchased either stronger wood (but this was all I could find) or much more of it. The cats have gradually snapped four of the pieces... Three days later, our tee is now rectangular as a result. I would also have purchased 5 meters (or maybe even six) to allow for full coverage. I had to use some other fabric to cover the door after the brown fabric ran out.

I then slowly tied the pieces of wood together with twine.

One snapped pole later and with fabric added, here is our tee pee. The girls made decorations to hang from the top--but those backfired. The cats took them as an invitation to mount--and snap--the legs of the structure.

What do you once you've built a tee pee? Why, a little scalping--no, haircutting--of course. (How do you write text with an editorial line through it?)

I wanted to try to save the money that the haircuts at the great new kids' salon cost. The girls both needed cuts but we weren't up to leaving the apartment yet.

My sweet, unsuspecting squaw.

I wish I hadn't cut their hair myself. They both don't look bad--but they don't look great, either. Talia kept moving and it came out much shorter than I'd intended--and it's still not completely even. I'll have it professionally evened out in two months, before "end-of-the-year" school performances, etc. I hope that I haven't revived their tendencies to experiment with playing "beauty parlor" themselves. Oh, the horrible memories that have arisen from eager children with scissors...

The girls have both enjoyed reading, drawing, watching TV and... sleeping in the tee pee. Here they are settling in for the night. We're reading the Kaya books again and they fell asleep talking about them. Katya--as in my crafty friend in Atlanta: note the quilt they're using inside! They have been using the green flannel side to pretend that it's grass. Thank you so much for making that for our Katya... You did such a beautiful job...

We actually had a windstorm at about 2 a.m. that whipped open the small panels in our windows, almost knocking over the tee pee and slamming shut the living room door. It woke me up right away!

Quite a "The Wizard of Oz" moment, huh? (See those splayed legs sticking out???) Imagine that tee pee flying through the tornado and landing on the little wicked witch... Luckily my two little squaws aren't trying to brave snowstorms in their structure! About an hour later, Talia came and joined me in bed... Not surprisingly, she claimed that she hadn't been very comfortable.

Okay, okay... the post that never ends... But just this morning I took these last pictures in the tee pee and they came out so darn sweet... Gosh, they love having this structure! Good move on my part; they don't want to do anything else and are completely engaged in their play. So now, last but not not least, just for fun:

That last picture makes me think her hair didn't turn out quite as poorly as I'd thought!


Rachael said...

Oh my goodness, for a second there, I thought you were going to decorate the tee pee with hair in leiu of feathers. Whew.

You are such a cool mom.

P.S. you do cross-outs by typing by (it won't let me do it exactly here) but you use the HTML tag "strike" inside the little triangular brackets before the word and then again after the word(s) use "/strike" also inside the brackets.

Anonymous said...

looks like fun : ) how is talia's ear? what was the orange goo? em loves the pics of the girls, she truly misses them. she says she wants to live in both eldridge and moscow - who knows.....


Muddy said...

When my kids were eight and six, I found a smaller version of the camping tent we have for the kids to set up in or out of the house to play in. They would set it up and sleep in it for several nights in a row, play in it and do school in it. My daughter mainly loved to drag her books in there to read when it was up. Sometimes they would set it up outside and play camping. They loved it when Bayley, our dog would join them in the fun. He liked coming into their tent to snuggle against the walls. Sounds like you made yours fun and inventive. I love the pictures...very sweet indeed.

Tina in CT said...

Your tent making skills have vastly improved since the days you and Mary took beach chairs and beach towels and put them up against the stone wall on the beach in front of our cottage. The two of you would sit in there for hours reading. Many, many happy memories. Remember when you two would get in your big tire tubes and take a rock to make an anchor and float while engrossed in a good book. It's good that both of you were such bookworms.

Your teepee came out really well and I bet the girls are having fun with it.

Your father and I used to give your hair trims all the time as it was long and straight and you had bangs. I could not see taking you in every 6 weeks for a bang trim. We did a pretty good job.

Natalia's hair looks fine but a good salon trim before the end-of-year programs (and pictures) is a wise idea. Hope it doesn't rekindle Katya's latent hair stylist ideas.

Hope you're feeling better.

Give me a call at work as I need to talk to you about dogs, legal, etc.

Natalie said...

Those are some really cute pictures, especially the ones w/ the kitty.

garnet said...

Ok, there are just so many wows! about this post.

Of course, the teepee is wonderful, great, amazing, all that. I would, again, never have come up with something like that -- although I have wonderful memories of when I was seven and we built a teepee outside our school and played in it every recess until the neighbor whose home it was close to complained. I also think that we had one at home and tried sleeping in it one night (outside) (but don't think that went very far).

However, what impresses me the most is seeing it set up in that "fairly large" flat living room. You have my great admiration for being able to do that. I start to cringe when my kids get down the cushions and built towers with them -- even though I remember having such fun making tunnels and trains with chairs, cushions, and blankets when I was little.

And, in a rather awful way, I'm always encouraged to hear stories of *other* kids cutting their hair so that I know I'm not alone. Sadly, though, none of them have been of nearly six-year-olds. I was so upset last fall when my daughter hacked off big chunks of her hair -- and cut holes in the outfit she was wearing as well.